Service every two years!

Manufacturers recommend that your car should have a car air conditioning service every two years, which includes evacuating the refrigerant gas and replacing the lubricating oil, as well as carrying out a system leak test.

Air conditioning gases in your car will escape from the AC or Climate Control system.

Over time the air conditioning gases in your car will escape from the AC or Climate Control system. This is because car air conditioning systems are designed to leak.


Using your car air conditioning all year round helps maintain the system. If you run the air-con during winter it will help to keep the system well lubricated and leak tight, because the refrigerant actually carries the oil that lubricates the system and the compressor. It also keeps the seals and hoses moist, preventing them from drying out and cracking which leads to leaks.

Some vital facts on car air-conditioning systems: Foul smells coming from the air-con may be caused by a build-up of bacteria. As your car ages, or when the air conditioning systems are used infrequently, bacteria, micro-organisms, mould and fungus start growing behind the dash panel on the evaporator causing some very unpleasant odours. Some people claim this can result in headaches and flu like symptom sometimes referred to as “sick car syndrome”. This can be solved by using as an anti-bacterial treatment that destroys the bacteria growth and leaves your car smelling fresh again.

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